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Fall 2012

Course Pilots for Fall 2012

Core 102, Sect. 3 - Advanced Written and Oral Communication: "Music, Culture and Community,"
Taught by Ms. Shalin Krieger. This course has units on: 

  1. Music and Place
  2. Music and Education
  3. Music and Health
  4. Music and Politics and
  5. Music and Cultural Heritage

Core 102, Sect. 6 - Advanced Written and Oral Communictaion: Composing a Civic Life. Taught by Mr. James Monaghan.

Core 201, Sect. 37 - Honors and Scholar-Citizen, Topics in Critical Inquiry: Observing Your World
Taught by Dr. Melinda Wagner, Department of Sociology. Prepare to be a Scholar-Citizen by learning skills of observation, interviewing, and movie-making that can help communities preserve their heritage and plan for the future.  This course will be extended in to Spring 2013 semester for qualified students who choose the SC section of CORE 202.  There they will teach the skills they have learned in CORE 201 and mentor Floyd County High School students in a place-based education project focused on interviewing community elders and producing movies about the World War II era.

Co-curricular Programs

College Affordability Series