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SCI Faculty Grants

Designation of an event or learning experiencee as "SCI" is required to qualify for SC funding. Please note: All financial awards must be in compliance with RU and State guidelines and procedures.

Faculty, staff, and student groups should work with the administrative support in their departments/divisions or contact the Scholar-Citizen office (540-831-2569) to ensure that their budget requests are fundable within State guidelines.

$750 Course Delivery Awards 

A faculty member offering a Scholar-Citizen course qualifies for a $750 award that may be used either as compensation for additional time involved in designing and implementing the SC course or as materials for delivery of the course. In the event a faculty member chosses to recieve the award as compensation for time, new policies require that we verify that approximately 30 additional hours beyond your typical duties be documented on a wage time card. 

Please note in your budget how you wish to allocate this initial $750 as well as any additional expenses.  

Part-Time Faculty 

SCI courses pay a minimum of $3000 per section + FICA.  If you are a PT faculty member and this course minimum exceeds the pay you would otherwise receive from your home department, please note these additional wages in your budget request.

Course-Release & Back-Fill 

In cases where a faculty member is requesting a course release from her or his home department in order to deliver a Scholar-Citizen course, please note the adjunct rate in your home department on your budget request. 

Funding Limits

All applications are assessed on their own merit and on a case-by-case basiss; however, the following guidelines generally apply:

  • Financial awards for delivery of courses are generally capped at $5,000 (inclusive of the $750 materials/stipend award noted above). 
  • Awards for delivery of a course project are generally capped at $1,500.

As of August 2013, no funding limits have been established for co-curricular programs.