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Procedures Listed by Number

Number Title Effective
University Policy Management Procedure (PDF)
GEN-PR-1001 Communicating with Government Officials Procedure (PDF)                
FA-PR-1200 Debt Management Procedure (PDF)
FA-PR-1201 Procurement & Contracts Procedure (PDF)
FA-PR-1202 Funds Handling Procedure (PDF)
FA-PR-1203 Investment Management Procedure (PDF)
FA-PR-1204 Textbook Sales Procedure (PDF)
FA-PR-1205 Fee Procedure   02/27/1992
FA-PR-1206 Post Office Box Procedure (PDF)
FA-PR-1207 Food and Beverage Procedure (PDF) -under development 07/01/2002
FA-PR-1208 Apparel Procedure (PDF) -under development 12/23/2008
FA-PR-1209 University Travel Procedure (PDF) -under development   10/28/2011
FA-PR-1212 Physical Inventory Procedure (PDF)
HR-PR-1400 Criminal Background Check Procedure (PDF)
HR-PR-1401 Telework Procedure DRAFT (PDF)
IT-PO-1500 IT Infrastructure, Architecture and Ongoing Operations Policy   09/04/2008
IT-PO-1501 IT Project Management Policy   09/04/2008
IT-PO-1502 IT Security Policy   09/04/2008
IT-PO-1503 Information Technology Accessibility Policy   09/04/2008