Daily Crime and Fire Log

The web version of the 60 day crime log is temporarily unavailable.  The crime log is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at the Radford University Police Department located in the Allen Building as required by law.

A crime or fire is entered into the daily crime and fire report within two business days of being reported to the campus police unless the disclosure is prohibited by law or would jeapardize the confidentiality of the victim.  State and Federal holidays observed by the university (including alternate dates observed by Radford University for some annual holidays) are not considered business days for the purposes of the crime log.  In addition to recording reported crimes that occurred on campus, in or on noncampus buildings or property, or on public property within the campus or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus, reports of crimes that occurred within the patrol jurisdiction of the Radford University Police Department are also entered into the crime log.  The following table contains the past 60 days of crime and fire reports with current dispositions.  Reports beyond the past 60 days can be searched using the archive search on the left of the screen, but dispositions are not updated beyond the 60 day current table.

Disposition Codes: Active (A), Inactive (I), Closed (C), Arrest/Summons (AR), Conduct Referral (CR), Exceptional Cleared (E), Unfounded (U)

CFS # Nature of Crime Reported Occurrence Location Disposition
2012-007475 Arrest for Public Intoxication and Underage Possession of Alcohol. Conduct referral issued. 09/08/12
7:29 PM
12:46 AM
Russell Hall AR, CR
2012-007531 Conduct referral issued for Underage Possession of Alcohol. 09/08/12
7:21 PM
10:26 PM
Muse Hall CR
2012-007522 Vandalism to a vehicle reported. 09/08/12
7:18 PM
7:19 PM
Lot F / Tyler Avenue A
2012-007489 Destruction of property reported at university owned property in the 500 block of Davis Street. 09/08/12
7:15 PM
9:04 AM
500 Block of Davis Street C
2012-007478 One summons and two conduct referrals issued for Underage Possession of Alcohol. 09/08/12
7:13 PM
1:40 AM
Moffett Hall AR, CR
2012-007474 Conduct referral issued for alcohol violation. 09/08/12
7:11 PM
12:12 AM
Tyler Hall CR
2012-007506 Destruction of property 09/08/12
9:50 AM
2:29 PM
Tyler Hall C
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