Add Peer Instructor to Desire2Learn

Adding course participants from Classlist

Access the Add Participants area

  • Select Add Participants on the top tool menu of the Classlist page.

Enroll an existing user

  1. Click Add an existing user from the Add Participants page.
  2. In the Set all roles to drop-down list, select the role that you want the users you are enrolling to have, and click Set all roles.
  3. Select the Enrollment email check box if you want to send users an email informing them of their enrollment.
  4. Search For the users you want to add.
  5. Select the check box beside the users you want to enroll.
  6. Select a Role if you want it to be different from the role set for all users.
  7. Click Enroll Selected Users.

Recommendation: Set your Peer Instructor role as TA (grading) if you want them to have access to the gradebook.