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The Ugly Truth

Wednesday, October 1

Tommy Edwards Headshot

Tommy Edwards grew up in Radford, VA. After a decorated high school football career, Edwards enrolled at Tech in the fall of 1992 and redshirted. In the 1993 season, as a redshirt freshman, Edwards scored nine touchdowns, and his future was bright. By 1995, though, he was gone, transferred out to Division 1-AA Boise State, where his college football career ended quickly. It was the pre-Internet age, and the large majority of Hokie fans were in the dark, wondering what had happened to “Touchdown Tommy” Edwards to cause him to flame out so quickly.

Tommy Edwards’s story is not the story of a prima donna unhappy over playing time, nor is it the story of a small-town athlete who wasn’t talented enough to make the big time. His story is about mental illness and the effects it can have, how it can derail the most promising of lives and careers.

The story of Tommy Edwards not only answers the question, “Whatever happened to Tommy Edwards?” It tells you what the events of April 16th mean to him, and why he is inspired to do what he’s doing today.