Faculty Instructor Information

“UNIV 100: Introduction to Higher Education” is a one-credit, first semester transition course for new students, taught during the Fall semester. A Faculty Instructor (FI) and an undergraduate Peer Instructor (PI) co-teach the course which focuses on helping students develop academic, social and personal success that will last throughout their RU academic career.


  • An interest in helping RU's new students
  • A master's degree or higher
  • Certain employment classifications
    • Classified Exempt
    • A/P Faculty
    • T & R Faculty
    • Adjunct Faculty who are teaching 8 hours or less in the fall semester

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Co-instruct a class; assisted by an undergraduate Peer Instructor (PI)
  • Communicate weekly with your PI
  • Foster the leadership development of your PI
  • Instill the course learning outcomes and cooperate with NSP in the assessment of those outcomes
  • Integrate the UNIV 100 Common Syllabus content
  • Incorporate the UNIV 100 textbook in the delivery of course content
  • Actively engage your class in discussions
  • Create a friendly, welcoming community within the class
  • Encourage involvement on campus
  • Hold students accountable for all assignments
  • Promote and support the Success Starts Here speaker series
  • Have one hour a week available for additional student help

Commitment Dates

  • All Faculty Instructors will attend a 50 minute introduction session with their Peer Instructor during the week of April 20th. The teaching teams (Faculty Instructor and Peer Instructor) will complete a getting to know you activity, learn about the delivery of the course, and preference a teaching time. The specific times and locations will be announced at a later date
  • All New Faculty Instructors will attend a May Our Turn in-service to better understand the FI position, the needs of first year students, and some of the unique challenges of teaching UNIV 100
  • All Faculty Instructors are required to attend the August training with your Peer Instructor on Tuesday, August 25th 


  • UNIV 100 teaching times are scheduled around your teaching availability
  • Co-teach with an RU undergraduate student leader
  • Learn the latest trends about our new students to assist you further in the classroom
  • Observe and aid in the intellectual and personal development of students in their first semester of college
  • Develop relationships with other colleagues across campus, as well as with students
  • Enjoy teaching an active course where you can see the impact you are making on student lives during the most critical semester of their college career


  • $1,350 stipend (based on one and a half-credit, adjunct pay rate) taxed at the supplemental pay rate.

Application Timeline

  • Application Deadline: Sunday, March 22nd