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University 100 is a one-credit, graded course that actively supports students in making a successful transition from high school (or previous institution) to Radford University while providing a solid foundation on which students can build a successful college career.

How is it taught?

University 100 classroom

The course is taught twice a week for 50 minutes each. The course meets twice a week for the first seven weeks of the semester, and once a week for the last seven weeks. Various sections of the course are offered and adapted to meet the unique needs of new freshmen, transfer, and commuting students.

By combining the teaching efforts of a faculty/staff member and an undergraduate Peer Instructor (PI), UNIV 100 is able to create a learning community where friends are made and the university experience is introduced. Valuable lessons about time management techniques, learning styles, campus/community resources and services, career exploration/planning, informed decision making, social life at college, library use, critical thinking, RU history, and tools on how to become a better student are all covered within the course to assist students in becoming as successful as possible at RU and beyond.


The mission of UNIV 100 is to actively support and engage new students in and out of the classroom through a foundational learning experience that will assist them in developing the skills necessary to achieve academic and personal success at the University and as educated, responsible citizens of a diverse, global community.

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