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Do you have a study abroad program?

Yes, here at RU we offer a large variety of study abroad programs. There is a large variety of places that one can choose to study abroad. A few examples include Argentina, England, Australia, Russia, Ireland, and many, many more.

Do a lot of students participate in study abroad?

On average, about 200 students study abroad each year, participating in either summer, spring break or winter-mester faculty led programs, semester exchange programs, or affiliate programs for semester or summer.  Some students complete Internships abroad as well.

How much does it cost?

There are many semester programs where students pay RU tuition and fees, or RU tuition and fees AND RU room & board – meaning the only additional cost is the price of airfare and personal expenses.

Students on RU financial aid can use their financial aid packages toward these semester programs.  For faculty led summer, spring break or winter-mester programs, often times students can obtain study abroad student loans through our financial aid office which operate just as student loans with low interest and long-term payoff.  Students participating in affiliate programs pay fees directly to the program provider – and may be able to use their financial aid package or qualify for those study abroad student loans.

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