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If I attend Quest later, when I register for classes will I be at a disadvantage?

So that those attending the first orientation program of the summer do not have an advantage over those who attend later programs or those who cannot attend orientation until August, seats avaliable in each section of freshmen classes are divided by the number of programs offered. Therefore, virtually every student who attends Quest or Quest Express, no matter which program he/she attends, will encounter closed sections.

However, since RU offers multiple sections of almost all introductory classes, the "solution" is usually as simple as selecting another section of the course that is offered at a different time. Rest assured that you will leave whatever orientation program you attend with a complete schedule of classes that meets your needs and starts you on the path to graduation.

After registering, I decided to change my major. What should I do?

When you check in, you will be asked to confirm your major choice, since that will determine that group in which you will be advised. You need only alert us at check-in that you wish to change your major, and we will place you in an appropriate group.

After registering, I have more/less guests. What should I do?

If you will have fewer guests than expected join you at orientation, you can inform us at check-in. We can arrange to credit your card (minus a small administrative fee) for guests who cannot attend.

If you want to bring more guests than were originally registered, please call the Office of New Studetn Programs at (540)831-5923. While we will make every effort to accommodate additional guests, program space limitation may preclude our ability to do so.

I earned an associate's degree in high school. Should I attend a program for freshman or Transfer Quest?

We recommend that you attend Quest or Quest Express rather than Transfer Quest. Even though you will be entering RU with junior academic status, you will otherwise have far more in common  with new freshmen.

May I attend Quest or Quest Express before I graduate?

You need not have officially graduated before you come to orientation. (Please make sure to have your final transcripts sent to RU's Office of Admissions.)

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