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Why is a cap placed on the number of students and parents who can attend Radford's orientation programs?

Reservations for Quest and Quest Express are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis; the reservation system opens March 5th, and students are invited to make reservations shortly after they signify their intention to matriculate at RU by making their $400 deposit.

The numbers we can accommodate in each program are limited for two main reasons. First and foremost, we want to keep the size of advising groups small enough so that all students who attend receive personalized attention. Second, RU's orientation programs share the campus with other summer programs and conferences, and there is a limited amount of space in the auditoriums in which will be making presentations, in parking lots, in dining facilities, and --in the case of the two-day Quest programs-- in residence halls.

What if I cannot come to any of the summer orientation programs?

Each year, about five percent of RU's new students cannot attend Quest or Quest Express because they were admitted late in the summer, because they live more than one-day's drive away, because family schedules do not permit them to attend the session(s) that remained open when they tried to register, because all sessions were filled when they tried to register, or for various other reasons. For that reason, a final orientation session is offered after new students move into their residence halls and before classes begin in August. Onlline registration for this session is typically opened in mid-July, and all new freshmen who did not attend Quest or Quest Express must register for and attend this program.

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