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Can I have a car as a freshman?

Yes, you can!

Where do I park?

Freshman parking is primarily located down near Dedmon Center; across the bridge, where all of the sports complexes are. However, cars can be parked in on campus lots on weekends up until 6 AM on Monday and on weekdays after 6 PM.

Do I need a car?

Everything on and around campus is within walking distance. It takes about 6 minutes to get from one side of campus to the other, and then an additional 4-6 minutes to walk downtown. The same goes for getting to Dedmon Center. There is also a bus that runs in-between main campus and the Dedmon Center, as well as a new transit system that transports people throughout campus and the surrounding areas.

Do I need a parking pass, and how do I get one?

In order to park your car safely around campus or in any of the school-owned parking lots, a pass is required. These can be acquired by visiting Parking Services, located in Heth Hall. Registering for a pass is simple and quick, and can be done online.

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