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Getting Involved



How many clubs and organizations are at Radford?

We have over 220 Clubs and Organizations! Find what interests you and join! Be sure to attend "Club Fair" the first Friday of fall classes to find out everything you want to know about the clubs and organizations!  The RU Involved link on MyRU will take you to a searchable database of all of the student organizations, and we strongly recommend students starting in the Spring semester take a look this resource.

What about Greek life?

We have social, academic and service fraternities and sororities, Latino Fraternal organizations, and African American sororities and fraternities . Rush begins at the start of each semester but you cannot pledge until you have a GPA for the university or you are a second semester freshman. Be sure to make good grades so that you can join!

Can I get involved in sports?

Radford offers tons of opportunities to get involved with sports! We have 19 varsity sports to support!  There are also intramural sports ranging from dodge ball to soccer you should definitely sign up for (you can win a t-shirt!), and club sports to get involved in including Karate, Rugby, Lacrosse and many more!

What about large-scale/gala events?

Throughout the year there will be a variety of large events taking place on campus. These will range from step-shows, to Greek and club auctions, to live bands, to rock-and-bowl. Each of these events, along with countless others gets you involved.  R-SPaCE is responsible for sponsoring most of these types of events.

A word about getting too involved.

Be careful not to spread yourself too thin and become over involved.  It's important to do the things you enjoy but remember that school and classes come first!

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