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How do I find out who my roommate is?

Fall students will find out about your roommates in early August. Spring students will find out about your roommates in January. Residential Life will send you an email with the name and phone number of your roommate so you can get in touch and work together to know what to bring!

What are suites and triples?

All of our residence halls have suite style rooms, meaning there are two rooms connected by a bathroom. (That means you only share the bathroom with 3 other people and you don't have to walk down the hall in a towel!) Triples just mean you get to have two roommates instead of just one. A temporary triple is just that, and as soon as a space becomes available in another room one roommate will move. A permanent triple is a larger room specifically designedand to accommodate 3 people!

How can I meet people in my residence hall?

The Resident Assistants will schedule various programs to unite your hall! Be sure to attend! Our advice is to be friendly and try to introduce yourself; chances are they want to meet you too!

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