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Student Director

As a representative of Radford University, the two Quest Student Directors will work closely with the New Student Programs staff to assist with planning and delivery of Quest, Quest Express and Transfer Quest orientation programs.

Job Responsibilities


  • Serve as an integral part of the NSP orientation staff in the design and implementation of a comprehensive recruitment, selection, training and recognition program for new Quest Assistants, Parent Orientation Guides, Transfer Quest Assistants, and NODA Interns.
  • Serve as a supervisor, mentor and team leader for the Quest staff.

Fall Semester 2014

  • Participate in the review of the previous summer’s orientation programs and make recommendations for 2014.
  • Lead at least two student leader recruitment information sessions to be held in November (includes designing a multimedia presentation for the sessions).
  • Attend campus club and organization meetings to promote the QA position (SGA, RHA, Greek Life, etc.).
  • Develop, along with an NSP Graduate Assistant, an advertising plan for QA recruitment (distributing flyers, table tents, using Facebook and Twitter, etc.).
  • Establish questions, materials, activities, and staffing for QA individual and group interviews.
  • Assist in the execution of the selection process for 2015 Quest Assistants.
    • Group Interviews will tentively take place the second weekend in November.  Times to be determined.
    • Individual Interviews will take place beginning on Monday, November 4th until they are finished.
  • Commit to approximately five hours per week (with more required during the QA interview process), beginning the week of October 1 through the week of December 2.

Spring Semester 2015

  • Assist with Spring Quest: Sunday, January 19th - Monday, January 20th.
  • Plan and facilitate spring training, schedule to be determined based on QA availability
  • Work with the Director for “Scenes from a Freshman Year” play to prepare script and define your roles during the play.
  • Propose Quest Student Social theme and work with Student Activities staff to plan staffing, decorations, giveaways and activities.
  • Commit to approximately 8 hours per week throughout the Spring semester.

Summer 2015
Before Quest

  • Prepare for arrival of the QAs, including, but not limited to, planning training, preparing activities, materials, housing arrangements, and contacting presenters.

During Quest/Quest Express/Transfer Quest

  • Support, encourage and assist the QAs, POGs, and Transfer QAs during all activities and responsibilities.
  • Provide technical support for the Scenes from a Freshman Year play.
  • Oversee, along with an NSP staff member and a NODA Intern, Quest evening activities.
  • Fulfill any roles as needed by the team, including serving as a substitute QA, POG, or TA.
  • Other duties as assigned.

After Quest

  • Help staff the office.
  • Assist with post-orientation assessment endeavors.
  • Help to coordinate and staff Fall Opening orientation events (date TBD).
  • Commitment of hours will vary beginning the week of May 12th through the week of July 21st with approximately 15-20 hours/week in July (after all of Quest has ended).


  • Former Quest Assistant (QA).
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 at the time of application.
  • Must be willing to refrain from enrolling into Summer I, II or III classes. A Maymester class may be allowed if, and only if, the course is required for your program, and, it is the only time it is offered; however, prior approval is required.
  • Strong administrative and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and closely with partners and teams.
  • Self-motivated and takes initiative.


  • On-campus lodging beginning with Quest Assistant training and concluding with the final orientation session.
    • Lodging will be available - at no cost to you - both before and after the period above, but as it is viewed as compensation (indirect payment), the fair market value of the lodging is subject to current state and federal tax laws.
  • Meals will be provided during training as well as Quest, Quest Express (lunch only), and Transfer Quest (lunch only).
  • You will receive no less than $4,500 stipend to be paid over the course of Fall 2013, Spring and Summer 2014. The exact amount to be determined in conjunction with Human Resources.