Application Process

We appreciate your interest in applying to be a Peer Instructor for UNIV 100. 

We will be using a paper application for this process.  On the application you will be asked for:

  1. Involvement: A list of up to three campus activities in which you have participated, including any leadership positions held, and the dates involved.

  2. Employment history: Including your employer's name, job responsibilities, and the dates (month and year) of employment.

  3. Two references: The names, phone numbers, email addresses, and titles/positions of two references. Your references should fill out the recommendation form included in the application packet. Please be courteous and ask your references prior to submitting their information.
    1. References can be include any RU faculty or full-time staff members, including Resident Directors or Graduate Teaching Assistants. Student leaders may also serve as a reference, including current Peer Instructors, Resident Assistants, leaders of organizations, etc. For first-year students, references may also include a faith or ministry leader, high school teacher, coach, club advisor, etc. Family members should NOT serve as references.
    2. We suggest that you ask people who know your skills, abilities, and commitment to the university such as faculty or staff with whom you have personally worked.
    3. It is your responsibility to deliver the form to your references. They can return the form to NSP via e-mail, fax (540-831-5823) or mail (PO Box 6993 Radford VA, 24142)
    4. On the application, you will be asked if you waive your right to review the completed reference form.  This is your choice, but by selecting the box waiving your access, you are demonstrating your trust in your reference.
  4. Three essays: Please type your answers to the questions below in a single document. You will submit them as part of your application.
    1. Why do you want to be a Peer Instructor
    2. Describe one event/moment since arriving at RU which has changed you. How has it impacted you?
    3. What skills do you currently have that make you a qualified candidate? What skills do you hope to gain from this experience?
  5. Interview: Starting on Wednesday, January 21st, you may drop off your completed applicaiton to New Student Programs, Walker Hall 118. At that time, you will sign up for your interview. Interviews will take place between Monday, February 9th and Friday, February 20th in New Student Programs (118 Walker Hall).

Click on the link below for the Peer Instructor application

2015 New Peer Instructor Application (DOCX)