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About the Office

The Office of New Student Programs is a student-centered office dedicated to the transitional needs of our new students.  It meets these needs primarily through two programs, Quest, our new student and transfer orientation program, and University 100, our one-credit extended orientation course.

One of the strengths of our efforts and a life-line to our success is the selection and development of student leaders.  Every program we oversee involves paid student leadership positions.  These students, representing the very best that Radford has to offer, teach in the classroom, counsel students with academic difficulties, reassure and orient new students to the opportunities and expectations of RU, and serve as “role models” for the type of citizens and students that RU produces.

Ultimately, everything that New Student Programs engages in is designed to help students find success.  Helping with transition, helping students who have stumbled academically, encouraging and developing emerging leaders, are all objectives of NSP which are in full support of the university “7-17” strategic plan.  Forging a Bold Future is built on the strength of existing initiatives and none is more important than helping students in transition, developing student leaders, and providing a campus foundation which leads students to graduation and future success.