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Super Search uses a single search box to search most of the library’s electronic and print collections: articles, books, DVDs and more. If you’re looking for ebooks, or are interested in physical materials in the library, like books and DVDs, the Catalog may be a better search option.

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The Catalog contains records for the physical items in the library, like books, DVDs, maps, CDs, etc. You can also find links to our eBooks and access your library patron account. If you're looking for journal articles about a specific topic, SuperSearch may be a better search option.

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The Journal search box is useful if you have a specific journal or newspaper title in mind and you want to see if the library owns that hournal in print or electronic format. If you’re looking for articles about a specific topic, SuperSearch may be a better search option.

The A-Z Title List of Electronic Journals includes major journals from publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley, as well as additional journal and newspaper content from our large “aggregator” databases such as Academic Search Complete, JStor, and LexisNexis. This A-Z list contains links to over 69,119 unique titles in over 220 databases.

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Supplementary course materials for specific classes.

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  1. Living Library: Everyone has a Story »


    We hope you can join us for our Spring Living Library on Monday, April 3rd from 11 – 4 pm, on the lawn outside of McConnell Library.

  2. Winesett Book Collecting Contest Awards Ceremony »


    Please join us on Tuesday November 15th at 4 pm as we award the winners of the Winesett Book Collecting Contest in the McConnell Library Event Space.

  3. Last Chance! If you love and own books, you can win $750! »


    To inspire students to discover the great pleasures and satisfaction of book collecting, McConnell Library is sponsoring a book collecting and essay contest. The contest is open to all Radford undergraduate and graduate students.  Cash prizes up to $750 can be won for a book collection that represents a well-defined field of interest, and the best essay on the collection’s subject matter.

  4. Banned Books Week 2016: Sept. 25 - Oct. 1 »


    Banned Books Week is an annual event to raise awareness about the role libraries play in the fight for the freedom to read, freedom to think, and freedom against censorship. Learn more about challenges raised in the United States to try to restrict the free flow of information through the following events this week:

  5. 3rd Annual Living Library »


    Visit the Living Library on Monday, September 19th anytime between 11 am – 4 pm on the lawn outside of McConnell Library! 

  6. All Gender Bathrooms »


    For your convenience, our single-unit, accessible bathrooms on McConnell Library's main floor are now officially gender-neutral bathrooms.

  7. Summer Session 2016 »


    Stay on track or get ahead. Register for summer course(s). For more information go to: www.radford.edu/summer

  8. Book Return Location »


    Due to ongoing construction in the area, McConnell Library has closed the book return located on the Main Street side of the building.

  9. How do I log on to My Library Account? »


    There is a new way to look at your library account! ...


  10. New Library Catalog »


    If you're searching for books, DVDs, or other materials, you might notice that our library catalog has a new look.

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