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Graduate Conditional Admissions

The conditional admission program is designed to recruit promising graduate international students to Radford University. Prospective graduate international students who meet regular admission requirements except English language may apply for conditional admission through the LCI@RU.

Applicants are conditionally admitted based on an evaluation of university transcripts and any other relevant documents (personal statement, letters of reference, resume, etc.). Once conditionally admitted, students work toward meeting remaining admission requirements while studying in the LCI@RU's Intensive English Program. When conditions are met, students will be transferred into their graduate program to begin studies the immediately following semester. Some Radford programs do not grant conditional admission.

Conditionally admitted students must complete the Intensive English Program through Level 550 and attend this program for a minimum of one semester (two Intensive English terms). There are 10 English proficiency levels in the program, each requiring two months of study. Students are placed upon arrival into the appropriate level based on a placement exam. Levels may not be skipped. Students must maintain a "B" equivalent (75%) GPA. Offers of conditional admission will be revoked for students who do not successfully complete the LCI@RU study requirement.

Program Eligibility

To be competitive for conditional admission, applicants should have an undergraduate university-equivalent GPA of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. (Certain majors have higher minimum GPA requirements.) Applicants must have either earned a bachelor’s degree or be in their senior year of undergraduate study. The degree must be comparable to a U.S. bachelor’s degree. Further, applicants must meet the requirements of the individual graduate program for which they are applying, with the exception of English requirements and tests such as the GRE or GMAT.

Students who apply for conditional admission during their senior year of university studies must submit final transcripts before a formal acceptance letter will be issued by the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies.

Offers of conditional admission are contingent upon meeting any required test scores (GRE or GMAT) prior to beginning graduate classes.

Participating Programs and Requirements

Program Degree Cumulative GPA Test Scores Required Personal Statement Required Number of Recommendation Letters Required Other
Corporate and Professional Communication M.S. 2.75 GRE and 4.2 iTEP Essay demonstrating a fit between your career goals and this program 3 Resume
Business Administration MBA 2.75 GMAT or GRE and 4.2 iTEP   2 Resume
Education M.S. 3.0 GRE and 4.2 iTEP Essay on why you are interested in this program 2 Resume
Literacy Education
M.S. 2.75 4.2 iTEP Two-page essay that includes past experiences and interests that influenced your decision to apply to the program as well as your short- and long-term goals and career aspirations
2 Resume; teaching license or other documentation stating you have at least three years of teaching experience
Social Work
M.S.W. 2.75 4.2 iTEP A personal essay and case study response (Details here) 3, including one from a professional practicing in the field of human services who has witnessed your practice abilities and can assess your promise/sustainability as a professional social worker
Resume, LCI MSW Supplemental Forms, Field Practicum Application
Special Education M.S. 2.75 4.2 iTEP 2-page essay on your reasons and qualifications for pursuing the M.S. in Special Education as well as your concentration of interest
3 Resume

Apply Now

  1. Complete and submit an application for graduate conditional admissions.
  2. Submit high school and university transcripts.
  3. Pay the application fee of $185 ($50 graduate application fee plus $135 Intensive English Program application fee).
  4. Submit requisite supporting documents in English. (See above)
  5. Submit letters of recommendation, in English, speaking to your success and/or potential for success as a graduate student.
  6. Radford will accept a passing score on the iTEP (TOEFL equivalent test) administered by the Language and Culture Institute. TOEFL requirements are waived in lieu of successful completion of the Intensive English Program and testing standards.