The Division of Information Technology has implemented a new Identity & Access Management system called MyRUID. This system provides improved functionality to manage your RU account, reset your account password, activate new RU accounts, and manage guest, club and departmental accounts. All existing and new users will be required to complete the Account Activation process to setup an account in the new MyRUID system.  

Step 1 - Activate your MyRUID account

All existing and new users are required to “activate” an account within MyRUID.

To activate your account, please follow the instructions online.

Note: For existing users, if you have forgotten your account password, and you have not activated your account within MyRUID, you will need to complete this step first. You can claim your account without knowing your current password.  

Step 2 - Use all functionality of MyRUID

After activation, users will be able to use MyRUID functionality shown below.


Additional Information

For additional help and information, please view the options listed below.


If you require assistance with MyRUID, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at 540-831-7500.