2016-17 Study Abroad Application

Before you begin the application, please carefully read the information below regarding application and deposit deadlines.

Affiliate & Exchange Program deadlines vary.  Please see Study Abroad Advisor in 104 Cook Hall for deadlines.

Faculty-led Application deadlines

  • Summer program application deadline: Oct. 31
  • Spring Break application deadline: Oct. 31
  • Wintermester application deadline: Sept. 1

Please Note: Non-refundable deposits are due to Student Accounts on the dates listed below.

Faculty-led Wintermester 2016 deposits are due:

·         October 1, 2016                   $1,000.00 deposit due

·         November 22nd, 2016           Ebills are sent out

·         December 7, 2016                Balance Due (payment deadline date of Student Accounts)

 Financial Aid – Private loans only. Other aid cannot be used for Wintermester because limited to 3 credit hours.


Faculty-led Spring Break 2017 deposits are due:

·         Nov. 1, 2016                        $1,000.00 deposit        

·         Dec. 1, 2016                         Program Costs due

·         December 14th, 2016            Ebills are sent out       

·         Jan. 4th, 2017                       Balance due for tuition/fees (payment deadline date of Student Accounts)

 Financial Aid deadline - October 10, 2016


Faculty-led Summer 2017 program deposits are due:

·         Dec. 15, 2016           $1,000 deposit due      

·         March 1st, 2017        Program costs due

·         April 13, 2017          Ebills are sent out       

·         May 3rd, 2017           Balance due for tuition/fees (payment deadline date of Student Accounts)

  Financial Aid deadline – January 15th, 2017

If you are planning to use any financial aid (Federal loans, private loans, grants or scholarships), pay special attention to the financial aid deadlines above. These deadlines were established to allow adequate processing time for early disbursement of funds to cover deposits.  Please see the Financial Aid study abroad application to begin your process.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Financial Aid office located in Heth Hall (finaid@radford.edu).

I have carefully read the information above regarding application deadlines, deposit due dates, and understand it is my responsibility to meet the deadlines that apply to me and my Study Abroad program. I also understand that my study abroad deposits are non-refundable.

 I acknowledge I have carefully read the information above regarding application and deposit deadlines.

Part I - General Information

Before completing this online education abroad application, please review it first. You will be required to provide two written statements. Each statement should not be more than 500 words.


Are you a Radford University student?


If yes, what is your RU ID number?

Are you in-state or out-of-state?


Are you a Kirk Scholar?


Do you plan to use financial aid or a student loan to cover your education abroad expenses?


If you are NOT a Radford University student, please provide the following information.


Part II - Information about the program you are applying for

Please select the study abroad program you interested in from the following menus below. Be sure to select the appropriate term you wish to participate in.  The first section is faculty led programs through RU.  The second section is Exchange or Affiliate programs. 

Faculty led programs (Wintermester 2015)

Faculty led programs (Spring Break 2016)

Faculty led programs (Summer 2016)

RU exchange program providers (example Glasgow, Kansai Gaidai, or ISEP exchange)


RU affiliate programs (examples are AIFS, ISA or SFS)


RU Internships Abroad


If you are applying for a program not listed above, please complete the following section. 


Part III - Academic Information


Part IV - Written Statement

The Radford University education abroad application requires that you provide short answers to the two questions listed below. (Note: The RU affiliate, exchange partner, or unaffiliated study abroad program may ask you to write additional materials on their application forms.) Please provide brief yet complete answers for the questions below. Do not exceed 500 words.

Why are you interested in this education abroad experience?

How will this education abroad experience fit into your academic plan of study, and what impact do you think it might have upon your future career plans?

Part V - Certification

I hereby attest that all of the information I have provided in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I give my consent for the International Education Center to examine my academic and conduct records. I understand that studying abroad is a privilege, not a right, and that this privilege may be denied to students who have been found guilty of either a single serious violation of the Student Conduct Code or of multiple minor violations, especially if those violations involve drugs or alcohol.  Futhermore, I understand that if I am not in "good standing" with the Office of Student Standards and Conduct, I cannot participate in a study abroad program.  

I understand that all deposits are non-refundable, with the exception of institutionally cancelled faculty-led summer programs. If all information is not filled out and provided your application will not be processed.

Please check the box below that you certify the information you have provided.

 I so certify
 I do not certify

Please type your full name below to validate the certification.