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Workers' Compensation Documents

  • Supervisor's Checklist (PDF) | (DOC)
  • Information for Supervisors (PDF)
  • Employer's Accident Report (EAR) (PDF) | (DOC)
  • Instructions for Completing the EAR (PDF)
  • Panel Physician Selection Form (PDF)
  • Fact Sheet for Full-Time Employees (PDF)
  • Fact Sheet for Wage/Part-Time Employees (PDF)
  • Supervisor's Incident Report (PDF)
  • Time Missed/Return-to-Work Notification (PDF) | (DOC)
  • Request for Mileage Reimbursement (PDF) | (DOC)
  • Request for Prescription Drug Reimbursement (PDF) | (DOC)
  • Employee Instructions for Filing a Claim (PDF)