Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers® offers weight-loss services and products for learning how to achieve and maintain long-term healthy body weight. Weight Watchers incorporates healthy eating, physical activity, behavior modification, and for those who attend our meetings, a supportive atmosphere. Weight Watchers affirms that to lose weight safely and sensibly, a person must learn to eat healthy, increase physical activity, and handle the challenges encountered in the process of changing behavior.

Who is eligible to participate in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Weight Watchers® program?

The program is available to active state employees, spouses and adult dependents. However, only active state employees are eligible to be reimbursed for 50 percent of Weight Watchers services. Weight loss is not required to receive reimbursement. Covered dependents or retirees will not be reimbursed.

To learn more please see the Weight Watchers FAQ (PDF)