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Prospective Students

The Honors Academy at Radford University exists in order to assist highly motivated and intellectually mature students in making the most of their education.  At Radford University making the most of your education means interacting in an academic setting with not only your fellow students, but also working collaboratively with your professors.  It also means developing leadership skills and an appreciation for other cultures.  Finally, it means that the knowledge gained through all these endeavors does not remain as isolated experiences.  Instead, honors students begin to see that there is continuity among all these sources of knowledge.

Eligibility for Honors

Admissions to Honors is space-limited. There are three ways to be eligible for applying to the Honors Academy:

  • Outstanding high school students will be invited to apply (via letter from the RU Admissions office) to the Honors Academy if they meet at least two of the following three criteria:
    • SAT/ACT                              1100 SAT (combined V+Q) or 24 ACT
    • High School GPA                   3.5
    • High School Class Rank        Top 20 % of your graduation class
  • A new freshman may earn an invitation to apply to the Honors Academy after one semester at RU by making at least a 3.5 GPA for that first semester's work. Invitations are sent out by email over the holiday break.
  • Transfer students may also apply to join the Honors Academy. If you are interested, please contact the Honors Academy office (honors@radford.edu)

Honors Academy Curriculum Overview

All members of the Honors Academy work toward graduating as a Highlander Scholar. To graduate as a Highlander Scholar an honors student must complete a variety of honors coursework inside and outside of their major. In September 2013, a new honors curriculum was adopted. Students who enrolled at RU during or before Fall 2013 have a choice of completing the old or new honors curriculum. Students who enroll at RU after Fall 2013 must follow the new honors curriculum:

Old Honors Curriculum

New Honors Curriculum

  • 6 honors credits in Univesity Core A courses (CORE 103-required, CORE 201, CORE 202)
  • 9 honors credits in University Core B courses 
  • 9 upper-level honors credits (as honors contracts in the major, independent studies, study abroad, or upper-level honors seminars)
  • 3 credit honors capstone project
  • 3.5 cumulative GPA in all coursework at RU

More details about the Honors Academy curriculum can be found on the Current Students page.