Honors Schedule of Courses

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***Schedule updated on Tuesday 10/19/2015***


Prefix Number Section Title Intructor Day Time Lab Day Lab Time Univ CORE A Univ CORE B College CORE A College CORE B Upper-Level Honors
HNRS  103 1 Honors Written & Oral Communication Lovern TR 9:30     Yes No No No No
HNRS  103 2 Honors Written & Oral Communication Taylor MWF 1:00     Yes No No No No
HNRS  201 1 Topics in Critical Inquiry: Sense of Community: The Positive/Negative Impacts of Technology Quinn TR 2:00-3:15     Yes No No No No
HNRS  201 2 Topics in Critical Inquiry: Thinking Critically Through Humor Axtell TR 3:30-4:45     Yes No No No No
HNRS  201 3 Topics in Critical Inquiry: Born to Run Christensen MWF 10     Yes No No No No
HNRS  202 1 Topics in Ethical Inquiry: Social Controversies in Contemporary American Society du Plessis TR 12:30-1:45     Yes No No No No
BIOL 104 14 Human Biology Sarah Foltz TR  11-12:15 R 1-3pm No NS No NS No
POSC 110 5 Introduction to Politics Brunner TR 3:30-4:45     No H No H No
PSYC  121 15 Introductory Psychology Means-Christensen TR 12:30-1:45     No SBS No SBS No
STAT 200 3 Introduction to Statistics Case MWF 11-11:50     No Math No Math No
THEA 100 2 Theatre Appreciation Juul TR 9:30-10:45     No VPA No VPA No
ENGL 200 7 Literary Texts and Contexts Gallo T 6:30-9:30     No H No H No
HNRS  300 1 Scholarly and Creative Inquiry Christensen W 12-1pm     No No No No Yes
HNRS  310 1 Honors Seminar: Evolution - The Board Game Davis TR 12:30-1:45     No No No No Yes