Honors Academic Program

Although honors is a multifaceted program, the heart of the experience is the academic component. The academic program has a specific curriculum that represents about a quarter of the overall credits students will take prior to graduation. Most, if not all, of these credits will meet other requirements for the student's major or Core Curriculum. In addition to the coursework, honors students are expected to pursue academic excellence, uphold high standards of student conduct, and be active participants in the honors community. Complete details about expectations for honors students is found in the Honors Student Handbook.

Honors Curriculum

In Fall 2013 the Radford Faculty Senate approved many improvements to the honors experience. Among these changes was the new honors curriculum. Students who enrolled at RU during the Fall 2013 semester or earlier have a choice over which curriculum they wish to follow. Those who enroll during the Fall 2014 semester or later must follow the new curriculum.  

Honors Student Handbook

In Fall 2015, the Honors Student Council and Honors Advisory Committee approved the first Honors Student Handbook. The handbook describes the honors curriculum, honors benefits, honors expectations, and honors committees. Make sure that you understand the expectations of honors students so that you are able to maintain your active status in the program. If you wish to print a hard-copy of the handbook on printer with double-sided capability, please use this version and indicate that your printer should "flip on the short edge." Hard copies are also available in the honors office.