Recruitment Information

Recruitment Fund Request Processes
This explains how to submit recruitment funding requests.
Form (word doc)

List of Schools within 200 miles of Radford

Graduate Fair attendance
Events the Graduate Recruiter is expected to attend

Communicating with prospects
This provides examples of how we communicate with students who inquire about programs.

Featured Graduate Students
Each month we feature a graduate student on the CGPS website.  If you have a student you would like to be recognized, please provide their name and email contact.

Links to Policies
State guidelines required for travel, meals, recruitment activities.

General Procurement Polices
Promotional Items and Incentive Policy
Improper University Expenditures
In-State Travel Guideline Table
Travel Reimbursement Checklist
RU Travel Forms
RU Enterprise Car Rental
RU Catering Services and Menu
Food and Beverage Policy