Student Services

McConnell Library

Books (main collection) may be checked out and must be returned within four weeks. Lost/late books result in a fine of .25 cents/day. Books (popular) may be checked out and must be returned within two  weeks. Lost/late books result in a fine of $1.00/day. Videotapes/DVD’s may be checked out and must be returned within 1 week. Lost/late items result in a fine of $1.00/day.

Recreational Facilities

Radford University recreational facilities will be available on a scheduled group basis for your use. You should bring equipment that you would like to use (tennis racquet and balls, softball glove, ball, frisbees, aerobic/yoga attire and matt. Volleyball, basketball, and soccer balls will be provided. Don’t forget to pack your tennis shoes, bathing suit, and a pair of shoes that can get wet. We will be doing river/creek/lake swimming outings.


All residence halls are equipped with laundry facilities which include washer, dryer, laundry sink and ironing board. If you require an iron, please bring it along with quarters to operate the laundry equipment and detergent vending machine. Students are expected to do their own laundry during Governor’s school. Keep in mind that the laundry facilities are shared with other Governor’s school students and prompt removal of clothing from machines displays common courtesy.

Computers & Internet Access

Radford University is a wireless campus and provides computer labs and internet access for educational purposes to the Governor’s School students. When using computers and the internet, students must act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner and follow the policies established by Radford University.

Computers are available in the library and select computer labs. You are also welcome to bring your own wireless compatible laptop. A technology representative of the university will be available to establish a log-in to gain access to Radford University’s internet system after check-in.


The Governor’s school and Radford University permit email access to students with pre-existing web-based email accounts. (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) Neither the Governor’s school nor Radford University will provide students with an email account. Parents /guardians may email messages to you at the Governor’s school email address: The email will be printed and delivered with the postal service deliveries.