About Facilities Management

The Department of Facilities Management is dedicated to support the physical development and growth of Radford University. We are committed to providing quality facilities to enhance and create a dynamic educational and social environment. Through careful allocation of resources, we strive to run an efficient operation that contributes to Radford University meeting its short-term and long-term goals. Facilities Management is comprised of four departments: Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management, Facilities Maintenance and Operations, Facilities Planning and Construction, Sustainability and Recycling.

Contact Us

Facilities Management
P.O. Box 6909
Radford, VA 24142

For all HVAC, electrical, plumbing or facility-related inquiries, call 540-831-7800.

Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

The office of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy campus for employees, students, and visitors, protecting the environment, complying with applicable regulations, and protecting the university resources through loss control measures and property and liability insurance programs.

Facilities Planning and Construction

The mission of Facilities Planning and Construction is to administer the university's capital outlay, real property, and risk management programs, in addition to providing services for non-capital outlay projects, meeting the renovation, new construction, planning, and real estate needs of the campus.

Facilities Maintenance and Operations

The department of Facilities Maintenance and Operations serves the university community through the operation and maintenance of its facilities and grounds.


The department of Sustainability is committed to ensuring Radford University is a model for sustainable campus practices and policies and recognized for our stewardship of economic, social, and environmental resources and for our academic commitment to sustainability.


The Recycling office is devoted to providing support to the campus by minimizing wastes, reusing items as able, and recycling everything else possible (otherwise known as the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).