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Hazardous Waste Services


Please call the Safety Office at 831-7790 to schedule a pick up. Departments are not charged for hazardous waste disposal. Ensure that chemicals are labeled properly and that the container is sealed properly. Generators are responsible for correctly identifying the material and ensuring that the chemicals are stored safely prior to a pick up. Do not throw hazardous waste into the trash or pour chemicals down the drain unless you are sure that the waste is non-hazardous by regulatory definitions. Call the Safety Office or consult the Hazardous Waste Manual for details on hazardous waste management.


Please call the Safety Office to pick up materials containing asbestos. There is no charge to departments. Do not throw asbestos containing materials into the regular trash.


Please call the Safety Office or the Housekeeping Department to pick up materials contaminated with blood. There is no charge to departments. Do not throw materials contaminated with blood into the regular trash. Containers for medical wastes have been set up in Student Health Services, Dedmon Pool, and the Athletic Department in the Dedmon Center. If you generated a lot of medical wastes and need a container, please call the Safety Office.


It is a violation of OSHA regulations for workers to throw needles into the regular trash. In addition, this practice puts housekeeping personnel at risk. Please call the Safety Office to obtain a proper "sharps container" for contaminated needles. To obtain a container for needles if you live in the dorms call the Residential Life Office at 831-5375. There is no charge for the container. For a pickup in academic buildings call the Safety Office. Call the Residential Life Office for a pick up in the dorms.