Mission and Goals

The Radford University Division of Student Affairs is committed to the learning and development of students and their academic and individual success.  We foster a campus culture and environment where students’ perspectives are valued, citizenship and personal responsibility are cultivated, and students are engaged in a vibrant co-curricular experience that nurtures excellence and success. Student Affairs supports a culture of evidence where inquiry, self-reflection, personal assessment, and continous improvement are expected and supported. 

Strategic Plan for the Future of Student Affairs – 2012 to 2018

Student Affairs staff engaged in a comprehensive long-range planning effort to identify immediate, mid-term, and longer-term programmatic initiatives to advance the mission and strategic priorities of Radford University. 

These priorities were translated into a Student Affairs Strategic Budget Plan with seven-year projections to facilitate Division and University fiscal planning and to identify the range and scope of investment opportunities.  The plan addresses the following four Division-wide goals as strategic priorities: 

  • Create, Enhance and Implement a Distinctive and Diverse Co-Curriculum;
  • Promote Student Retention and Success;
  • Provide Safe and Inviting Student-Focused Facilities;
  • Strengthen Staff Retention and Excellence.

Student Affairs Goals

1. Provide an Engaging, Distinctive and Diverse Co-Curriculum

    A. Support and enhance a campus culture and co-curriculum characterized by inquisitiveness, active         engagement, diverse perspectives, cross-cultural awareness, character development, personal         responsibility and global citizenship

    B. Sustain programmatic initiatives and advise an inclusive array of student organizations that cultivate         leadership and empower self-governance 

    C. Build a sense of campus community through collaborative partnerships to support student learning,         development and success 

2. Promote Student Development, Retention and Success

    A. Provide and assess programs, services and learning outcomes and promote continuous improvement 

    B. Enhance student skills and expectations for responsible decision-making, risk reduction, protective         behaviors, personal and academic development, physical and emotional wellbeing and healthy         lifestyles

    C. Implement extended student transition programs prior to matriculation and early intervention programs         to enhance academic preparation and social integration

3. Provide Safe, Accessable and Inviting Student-Focused Facilities that Enhance Student Life

    A. Develop and implement best practice models from benchmark institutions for facility staffing,         equipment, maintenance, renovation and operation plans consistent with universal building design

    B. Mobilize student and institutional support to fund future capital projects that have major impact on the         quality of student life

    C. Incorporate an array of housing options (traditional, suite, apartment, graduate, living/learning) into         facility renovation and construction planning that prepare students for increasingly independent living

4. Strengthen Staff Retention and Excellence

    A. Recruit, hire and retain talented and diverse adminstrative and support staff dedicated to excellence         and student learning, development and success

    B. Create a stimulating professional climate for student and full time staff with an emphasis on continuing         staff development, involvement with RU and community councils, and professional association         membership, conference presentations and leadership opportunities

    C.   Develop and implement long range staffing, compensation and restructuring plans to support and         sustain quality and continuity of programs and services.