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Becoming a Registered Student in the DRO

  1. Complete the Student Registration Form and submit documentation from your medical professional no later than:
    1. June 30 if requesting special housing accommodations due to a medical or physical  condition
    2. July 31 for fall semester classroom and testing accommodations
    3. Dec. 15 for spring semester classroom and testing accommodations

      : Once documentation is received and an interview is completed, allow ten (10) business days to process your package.
  2. Schedule a meeting with a Disability Services Specialist prior to the first day of classes, or as soon as possible if classes have begun (i.e. Skype, face time, phone, or in-person interview).
  3. Attend Quest (See Below)
  4. Pick-up your accommodation package once you have been notified your accommodation package is complete.
  5. Meet with your professors/instructors during their office hours ASAP to discuss accommodations and obtain the necessary signatures.
  6. Return the white copy of your accommodation agreements and any other forms with required signatures to the Disability Resources Office within one week from when accommodations have been picked up.
  7. Submit a Request for Accommodations form EVERY subsequent semester immediately after registering for classes.
  8. Schedule a follow up appointment with your Disability Services Specialist if you are not receiving an accommodation or if you need additional support.

Quest Orientation

If you are a new student or a transfer student to Radford University, Quest is the campus orientation. During this visit to campus is an excellent time to set up a meeting with a Disability Services Specialist.

During your meeting, this is the time to discuss any challenges you face in the classroom or around campus. It will be a collaborative effort between you and the Disability Services Specialist to see that your needs are being met and that reasonable accommodations are implemented.

The Disability Services Specialist may request further documentation at any time to justify a requested accommodation. In the event you do not have the proper documentation, you may be asked for a letter of impact or be referred to local testing centers for additional or updated testing.

Documentation can be submitted to the DRO in a variety of different ways:

  1. Hand deliver it to the Disability Resource Office in Suite 54-69 Tyler Hall
  2. Fax it to 540-831-6525
  3. Scan and attach in an email to dro@radford.edu
  4. Mail a copy to:
    Disability Resource Office
    P.O. Box 6902
    Radford, VA 24142