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Disability Resource Office Staff


Angela DeVore-Greene
ADA & 504 Coordinator for
Students, Parents and Visitors

Angela M. DeVore-Greene is the first Director of Radford University’s Disability Resource Office. She is a proud Radford Alum with over 21 years of experience in working with individuals living with disabilities at both 2 and 4 year institutions as well as K-12 public schools. Her background also includes the study of the Criminal Justice system, the English language and Appalachian culture. She earned an advanced degree in Student Affairs Administration with a concentration in College Counseling from Radford University. She is a Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter and a passionate supporter of Veterans living with disabilities.


Kristina Contreras
Administrative Assistant

Kristina Contreras is the Administrative Assistant and Webmaster for the Disability Resource Office. Prior to joining the DRO staff in 2012, Kristina provided support in the Dean of Students Office, in the Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support office (SAVES), and in the Center of Diversity and Inclusion. She has over 15 years’ experience in providing administrative support and customer service in a variety of settings including the corporate sector real estate and Walt Disney Company. Kristina’s background is in Communication Studies and she is an actively involved RU student.


Jasmin Lawrence
Coordinator of Note Taking
and Test Proctoring Services

Jasmin Lawrence is the Coordinator of Note Taking and Test Proctoring Services for the Disability Resource Office. She is a recent Radford Alum where she earned her degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. Jasmin first joined our staff as a work-study in 2012, where she assisted students and faculty with maintaining the academic success and personal development of students with disabilities. Prior to her position, Jasmin served as a Resident Assistant, Staff Assistant for Conference Services, and several other positions for various student organizations. Due to her previous positions on the campus of Radford University, she is very knowledgeable and familiar with the campus, faculty, and policies that the University consists of and has developed a passion for students and aiding in their educational success.


Jerome Thomas
Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Disability Service Specialist

Jerome Thomas is the Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and a Disability Services Specialist in the Disability Resource Office. He is a Nationally Certified Interpreter with over 15 years of interpreting experience in settings such as secondary, post-secondary and the community at large. His background includes 2 years of Interpreter management in the corporate sector and 13 years of educational and community interpreting. Jerome currently serves as the Vice President of the Virginia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and is an active member of related professional organizations.



Nivisha Shah
Coordinator of
Adaptive Technology
Disability Service Specialist

Nivisha Shah is the Coordinator of Adaptive Technology and a Disability Services Specialist. Before joining the DRO staff, she served as Student Support Specialist and Disabilities Coordinator for the Art Institute of Dallas where she provided academic accommodations for students which included adaptive technology. She earned an advanced degree at the University of Texas at Arlington and her background studies are in Psychology and Social Work. Nivisha is skilled in working with individuals with varying types of abilities which include Veterans and those in need of specific requests for assistive technology.