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Party Safe, Party Smart

Whether you are attending an off-campus party or hosting one, we want to help you make positive decisions and still have fun. Yes, you can have fun, relax, entertain, kick back with your friends, and still be safe.

Safe party checklist for the host

  • Keep it Small
  • Know your Guests (Invitation Only) Know your Lease (Does it limit the number of people in your apartment?)
  • Let your neighbors know that you are having a gathering and ask them to contact you first if the noise level is too high
  • Have at least one sober host on the premises at all times
  • Do not collect money
  • Do not serve minors alcohol. You are responsible for minors served in your residence
  • Never let anyone leave the party with a cup/glass/bottle, empty or full
  • Do not let anyone drive who appears to be intoxicated
  • Limit the alcohol intake of guests
  • Provide non-alcoholic beverages
  • Provide Food
  • Avoid using glass bottles
  • Limit noise
  • Do not have a lot of guests leave all at one time, this creates noise and draws attention to the party
  • Clean up after the party
  • If the police are called and should appear at your door, remember to be polite and cooperative
  • Remember to put your drink down before answering the door

Safe party checklist for attending a party

  • Know the people whose party you are attending
  • If you chose to drink, have a sober ride home
  • Never accept any drink that you did not prepare or see prepared yourself
  • Never go to a party alone
  • Never leave a party with someone you do not know well
  • Never walk alone at night
  • If you have an alcoholic beverage in your hand – do not go outside
  • If you are drinking, do so responsibly

Do you have questions or need assistance?

Office of the Dean of Students
Heth 274


Substance Abuse and Violence Education Support services
Tyler Hall


Radford University Police Department 

Women’s Resource Center
Crisis Hotline: 639-1123 or  1-800-788-1123 FREE