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Mentoring Program

R.I.S.E. U.P. - Radford Inspiring Student Excellence for Underrepresented Populations

This is a program that is peer led to ensure the success of freshmen and transfer students at Radford University. You can serve as Mentor or we will pair you with an upper class mentor to encourage growth and development. The goal of RISE UP is to provide support and guidance to first year college students and to ease the tension of transition into an active student population and challenging academic environment. The encouragement from the RISE UP Peer mentoring program will provide a warm, welcoming, and a supportive experience that will increase your academic, cultural, and social integration into the campus community.

Mentoring program objectives

  • To enhance personal and academic adjustment
  • To provide students with a supportive social network
  • To help students develop skills necessary for academic excellence
  • To offer a continued source of information and guidance to college life
  • To familiarize students with Radford University campus and community services and resources.

Student Advocacy

Staff members are available to provide support and information, to make referrals to other campus and community resources as needed, and to serve as a support if you feel you have been offended or the victim of discrimination.

Diversity Training

The staff of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is available to provide interactive training on topics for faculty and staff, student organizations, departments, or residence halls. To arrange a training session, please call 540-831-5765 several weeks before the proposed date of event.

Diversity Resources

Various resources are available for check-out through the Center of Diversity and Inclusion. Examples of resources include magazines, videos, books and more.

Resource Information

Information is maintained on student groups and organizations, helpful websites, and local and community resources. We can assist with helping to connect students to other offices and departments.