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Theatre Professor is a certified trainer candidate in Lessac voice and movement work

Jennifer Juul

Associate Professor Jennifer Juul. Photo by Elizabeth Dreher RU'14.

Jennifer Juul, associate professor of theatre at Radford University, is a certified trainer candidate for Lessac voice and movement work. This is an integrated approach to voice and body training that was developed by the teacher Arthur Lessac.

“It helps your body teach itself to produce healthy sound and expressive movement by feel, rather than just by listening or imitating,” says Juul, “It is a valuable tool for training actors, but is useful in all walks of life as well.”

Juul first became acquainted with Lessac voice and movement work and began studying the approach while in graduate school at the University of Pittsburg.

“There were many different ways of studying the voice, but one thing I really liked about Lessac was that it integrated speaking and singing into one voice,” explains Juul, “I also liked how easy it was for the students to catch on to the learn-by-feel approach, rather than relying on ear-training or imitation to learn a particular technique.”

The certification process for Lessac consists of in-depth physical and vocal training, taking oral and written examinations, completing 80 hours teacher training and being mentored by a Lessac Master Teacher. In 2012, Juul received her first level of certification that of Lessac Practitioner. In 2013, she was accepted as a certified trainer candidate.

Juul is now working toward becoming a certified trainer. In fact, after expressing an interest in assisting a certified trainer with a short-term workshop, she was chosen to assist Robin Carr, president-elect of the Lessac Institute and Head of Graduate Acting at the University of Southern Mississippi.

“Robin is an experienced certified trainer who has been teaching international workshops. She had taught me previously in a number of different settings, and happily invited me to go with her,” states Juul.

Juul will assist Robin Carr in teaching a one-week Lessac workshop from Feb. 17-21, at the Gaiety School, Ireland’s premiere performing arts conservatory in Dublin.


Feb 17, 2014

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