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Jerome Sturm’s Photographic Journey

Jerome Sturm, None For Dinner

None for Dinner, Jerome Sturm

Radford University MFA student Jerome Sturm fell in love with photography when he received a camera as a gift: “My wife bought me a 35mm camera as a wedding gift. Once I started creating images with a camera I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living. I’ve been fortunate that along the way I’ve had some great mentors and have been successful as a portrait photographer, photojournalist, and university photographer,” Sturm said.

As a part of his photographic journey Sturm had a photo titled “None for Dinner” published in a national magazine this year, Creative Quarterly Magazine. “Professor Gose requires her graduate students enter photography contests as part of their studies. I decided to enter the CQ 27 contest because another image of mine was previously selected for their online gallery.”

In addition to having his work appear in a national publication, Sturm also has a print included in a show by the Society of Photographic Education South Central Region. His work “Pocahontas Coal Shadows,” the work in the show, explores the mostly abandoned town of Pocahontas, Virginia. Sturm’s work in Creative Quarterly dealt with a similar concept.

“The photograph is taken inside of an abandoned trailer in Bedford County. I have driven past the location several times and finally had a chance to explore it,” Sturm said. “My work explores abandoned places and things in a search for secrets. My images create a space where time exists in the present and past at the same moment.”

“I create a new energy in the abandoned places I photograph. In my work the abandoned becomes a beautiful, eerie, out of time place,” Sturm said.

The technique used to produce the image is called Hyper Dynamic Range photography and digital painting.

After completing his MFA program Sturm hopes to become a college teacher. Sturm wants to share the information he has gathered and techniques he has developed.

“I have a unique knowledge of traditional darkroom, new media, and digital techniques I can teach others. I’ve trained several photographers, photo archivists, and student workers, and enjoy passing on the knowledge I have. Fine Art Photography is undergoing dramatic changes and I believe the next generation of photographers will need technical as well as artistic skills,” Strum said. “My education at Radford University has helped me develop as an artist and given me the resources I need to succeed after graduation.”

A copy of Sturm’s published photograph “None for Dinner” is seen here and his work “Pocahontas Coal Shadows” can be seen at The SPESC Student Exhibition in Union Gallery at Mississippi State University from October 16 – November 2, 2012.

Sturm added, “I always wonder why we abandon places and what happened to the people who lived and worked in those spaces.”

Oct 26, 2012
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