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The Faculty Art Show is Coming to a Close

RU Department of Art - Faculty Art Show

For the first time in three years, Radford University is hosting a faculty art show in the RU Art Museum at the Covington Center. The show has been delayed several times due to the procurement of two incredible exhibitions from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; but this year, the Department of Art faculty finally have the chance to show pieces of their work on campus.

“The goal behind the faculty exhibition is to showcase current work by studio art faculty so that our students, the RU community, and area citizens can see the great variety and quality of art that the Art Department faculty create,” said Dr. Steve Arbury Radford University museum director. “It is always good for the students to see what kind of art their professors make.”

All members of the studio art faculty were invited to display their work during the faculty art show.

“We leave it up to the individual faculty as to what they want to exhibit. The only stipulation is that with nine studio faculty exhibiting, there is a limit on the number of works each faculty can display, especially if they work on a large scale,” Arbury said.

As museum director, Dr. Arbury had the job of arranging all the details of the faculty show.

“My job is to coordinate everything. I make sure the faculty know well in advance when the exhibition is and when I need their work delivered to the gallery, and that they supply the appropriate documentation for the labels. I also encourage them to write an artist's statement, which I then edit if necessary. In the months before the exhibition I send the faculty numerous reminder memos. I gave the faculty their first notification of the exhibition dates about a year ago,” Arbury said.

Kim Cochran, the museum registrar, prepared the museum for the new installation.

“Kim prepared the gallery for exhibition by repairing wall damage from the previous exhibition and hanging guide string to make the installation easier. She arranged the catering for the opening reception, and she was responsible for making the labels and mounting the artists' statements, among other things,” Arbury said.

Dr. Richard Bay, Exhibition Designer for the RU Art Museum, was responsible for installing the entire show after carefully measuring out and hanging each piece.

Graduate Assistant Kala Marshall performed multiple jobs to tie up loose ends before the show opening.

“Kala was responsible for making the vinyl lettered exhibition title (on the wall to your left as you enter the gallery), formatting the artists' statements, and documenting the exhibition (and the opening reception) with the museum's camera,” Arbury said.

Featuring works by Halide Salam, Ed LeShock, Z.L. Feng, Eloise Philpot, Drew Dodson, John O'Connor, Richard Bay, Alison Pack, Ken Smith, and Leah Gose, the faculty art show will continue to be on display all day Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at the Radford University Art Museum at the Covington Center. The show ends Sunday, October 28th.  Admission is free for all. 

Oct 19, 2012
College of Visual & Performing Arts

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