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Creative Arts Week 2012

Radford University Creative Arts Week 2012

As part of the Be S.E.E.N. at RU (Be Successful through Engagement and Education Now!) program, Radford University will be holding a Creative Arts Week for the first time this year, October 1st through October 7th. During this week, the five departments that comprise the College of Visual and Performing Arts (Art, Dance, Interior Design and Fashion, Theatre, and Music) will be hosting several events, many with educational or social involvement opportunities.

Dr. Joseph Scartelli, Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), maintains that the goal behind Creative Arts Week is simply to highlight everything that CVPA has to offer to our campus and students.

“Our hope is that as students attend events, they become increasingly aware of the incredible variety of opportunities of which they can take full advantage to enhance and enrich every aspect of their experience here at RU…academic, social, and aesthetic,” Scartelli said. “People have experienced significant transformations in their lives through the arts.  We are simply providing the vehicle in which that could happen, this week and throughout the entire academic year.”

Each department will host events throughout the week giving anyone who attends more insight to the inner workings of their program. Fashion Design’s fall fashion show will be offered during Creative Arts Week.

“The interior design projects are also on display; the windows will be open that the merchandising students have done. There will be three venues for our most popular majors to showcase their work,” according to Dr. Holly Cline, Chair of Interior Design and Fashion.

The fact that CVPA has never done anything like this before leaves the window of expectations open for faculty and those participating.

“I would be pleasantly surprised with any number of guests or participants,” stated Dr. John Jacob, professor of the history of fashion and fashion design.

Jacob will instruct one of the events during Creative Arts Week on World War II and its fashion.

“I hope that people are able to walk away and be able to see the connection between fashion and everyday life,” Jacob said.

Scartelli hopes that through Creative Arts Week, students could potentially develop new attendance habits for the art events offered through our campus.

“Every person I know who frequents arts events, exhibits, and performances is extraordinarily happy with that use of their time and say that the enhancement to their lives is invaluable…that habit can and should start here,” Scartelli said.

Creative Arts Week will have exciting events that range from impromptu performances around campus by the Department of Dance to a backstage tour of Pridemore Playhouse by the Department of Theatre. All students, family members, and faculty are encouraged to participate, not just CVPA majors! For more information, see the Creative Arts Week schedule.

Sep 27, 2012
College of Visual & Performing Arts

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