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World Renowned Photographer to Exhibit and Lecture at RU


Renowned Argentine photographer Lucio Boschi will be exhibiting some of his dramatic images of Andean peoples from Sept. 12 – Oct. 27 in the Radford University Art Museum in the Covington Center. Mr. Boschi’s black-and-white photographs reveal the simplicity and toughness of Andean lives as well as the powerful beauty of the Andean landscape.

“His photographs are exceptional and profound,” Dr. Steve Arbury, museum director.

Author/curator Valerie Gladstone has said, “These are not the photographs of an outsider looking at a foreign culture, but rather those of a man who found in small details and ordinary scenes, majesty and mystery. His ease in that world gives viewers remarkable access.”

Mr. Boschi himself has written:

“The people of the Andes do not walk apprehensively; they do so to the heartbeat of the mountain. We could say that they live in a different dimension from the one we are accustomed to and inhabit their land in a more austere manner, enjoying the silence in which everything seems to acquire a deeper significance.

The main features that define these people are the capacity of simplifying daily existence, celebrating mother earth and of interpreting their lives, not with a sense of possession but rather one of brotherhood.

Every living creature, according to its nature, has a real space to occupy; all the components are united and balanced. When we go beyond our limits, we break this balance and we disrupt the universal order of things.”

Lucio Boschi has exhibited his photographs world wide, most recently at the Carlo Magno Wing of the Vatican, and he has published seven photography books. Mr. Boschi and his wife also helped establish the Museo en los cerros (Mec), located high in the Andes of northwest Argentina, as a place for cultural exchange through the language of photography.

For the RUAM exhibition, Mr. Boschi will be exploring non-traditional materials to print his photographs on, such as cotton or sintra. Mr. Boschi will give a presentation/talk in the Covington Performance Hall on Thursday, Sept 12 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the opening reception for his exhibition will follow directly at 5:00 p.m. in the Covington Center foyer. This made exhibit is made possible through a sponsorship by Mendoza Art Partners.

For more information on Lucio Boschi, please visit his website:


For more information about the Radford University Art Museum, please visit www.radford.edu/rumuseum.

Aug 26, 2013

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