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Minor in Dance

We offer an 18-semester hour dance minor.  Required courses are:

  • 12 semester hours of dance technique and/or performance courses.
  • Choose from the following courses: DNCE 105, 131, 201, 205, 210, 231, 260, 280, 305, 331, 365, 380, 405 and 431
  • Six semester hours of dance theory courses
  • Choose from the following courses: DNCE 120, 220, 310, 320, 410, 465, 470, 480, and 481

Each minor candidate is subject to placement, prerequisites, co-requisites, and consent of instructor for each elective class. Candidates for the dance minor are not subject to an entrance audition or the technique proficiency standards for graduation.

No scholarships are available for a dance minor.

For more information on each course, visit the class description on the Radford University Office of the Registrar website.