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B.F.A. in Dance

To be admitted to the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in dance, you must demonstrate a level of proficiency for intermediate study in ballet and modern technique classes. All requirements for this degree and major are outlined below.

Core Curriculum Requirements (43-45 credits)

Dance Core (58 credits)

Theory Requirements (18 credits)

  • DNCE 310 - Study in Somatics (3)
  • DNCE 410 - Accompaniment for Movement (3)
  • DNCE 465 - Dance Production (3)
  • DNCE 470 - Methods of Teaching (3)
  • DNCE 480 - History and Philosophy of Dance I (3)
  • DNCE 481 - History and Philosophy of Dance II (3)

Technique Requirements (25 credits)

All dance majors must study ballet (12), modern dance (11) and jazz (2) dance technique.  All technique classes are offered at various levels, and students are placed into classes according to technical ability.  The course numbers and titles on the course schedule indicate technique levels. The levels are as follows:

Composition Requirements (9 credits)

  • DNCE 120 - Dance Improvisation (1)
  • DNCE 220 - Dance Composition (2)
  • DNCE 320 - Choreographic Studies I (3)
  • DNCE 420 - Choreographic Studies II

Performance Requirements (6 credits)

Dance Electives (15 credits)

All B.F.A. majors are required to complete 15 additional semester hours of courses and may wish to emphasize one of the following areas:

  • Classical technique or contemporary technique and choreography

General Electives (2-4 credits)

Students should consult their advisors in selecting elective courses to complete the 120 semester hours required for graduation.

Total Credits Needed for Degree (120 credits)