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B.A. in Dance

Core Curriculum Requirements (43-45 credits)

See Core Curriculum.

Dance Core (37 credits)

Theory Requirements (18 credits)

  • DNCE 310 - Study in Somatics
  • DNCE 410 - Accompaniment for Movement (TH)
  • DNCE 465 - Dance Production (TH)
  • DNCE 470 - Methods of Teaching Dance (TH)
  • DNCE 480 - History and Philosophy of Dance (TH)
  • DNCE 481 - History and Philosophy of Dance (TH)

Technique Requirements (16 credits)

  • Eight semester hours of modern dance technique courses
  • Eight semester hours of classical dance technique courses

Composition Requirements (3 credits)

  • DNCE 120 - Dance Improvisation
  • DNCE 220 - Dance Composition

Dance Electives (9 credits)

All majors are required to complete nine additional semester hours of courses and may select courses from the following areas: technique, composition, and performance.

B.S. Degree Requirements and Dance Education Certification (21 credits)

  • HUMD 300 - Human Growth and Development: Birth through Adolescence
  • EDEF 320 - Introduction to Professional Education
  • DNCE 370 - Creative Dance for Children (TH)
  • EDUC 453 - Student Teaching: Grades K-12

Electives (8-25 credits)

Students should consult their advisors in selecting elective courses to complete the 120 semester hours required for graduation.

B.A. Requirements (6-12)

This degree requires completion of the B.A. language requirements. 

  • Option 1:
    Students with little to no foreign language background who are placed in a first-semester course by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures may fulfill this requirement by taking the first three semesters (the first four in Spanish) of a foreign language for a total of 12 semester hours.
  • Option 2:
    Students with enough of a foreign language background to be placed beyond a first-semester course may fulfill this requirement by completing two courses above the first eight hours of language instruction (above nine in Spanish) for a total of 6 to 8 semester hours.

Total Credits Needed for Degree (120)