The old Planetarium is now offline.
The new-and-greatly-improved Planetarium will come online by the end of March. 
The exact date of the opening will be posted here.

The wait will definitely be worth it!

The current Radford University Planetarium has ended its 16-year run of public shows as of Saturday, December 19 with the 10:30am show. It's been a great run with over 40,000 cumulative visitors since the first public show in October of 1999. There will be a bigger-and-better facility opening in Radford University's new Center for the Sciences building in the spring of 2016. The exact opening date has yet to be determined--we still have some technical setup details to work out. But the new 33-foot-diameter dome, with its state-of-the-art digital projector and 54-seat theater will be able to greatly expand our educational mission in the coming years.

Schedule a Group Visit

We are happy to make special arrangements for groups who wish to visit the planetarium at times other than our regularly scheduled showtimes. If you have a group that would like to visit the planetarium, please contact Dr. Rhett Herman (, 540-831-5441).

Upcoming Shows

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"Dinosaur Prophecy"

Saturday Sep 6

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Dinosaur Prophecy examines the deaths of the dominant and ferocious creatures, which tell of the Earth's enormous power and potential for dramatic and devastating change. Each disaster that affected the dinosaurs is a warning for human survival. Viewers discover the lives of multiple species of dinosaurs, from the Coelophysis of 205 million years ago to the Allosaurus and Diplodocus of the mid-Jurassic period.

The planetarium show The Dinosaur Prophecy is a co-production of the Rice Space Institute and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, funded by NASA's Office of Earth Science under the "Immersive Earth" project, NASA cooperative agreement NCC5-316. Other production partners include Home Run Pictures and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.