SPS Physics Lecture Series


On April 25, Lieutenant Tim Dutton, US Navy, and Radford University Physics BS Class of 2004 addressed more than 2 dozen physics majors and others at RU. Lt. Dutton talked about his background and the career path that he took after graduating from Radford University. He talked about some of the reasons for the decisions that he made along the way. He currently is the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair in Newport News, and has been assigned to various projects there. Tim was recently accepted into MIT’s graduate program in Naval Engineering.

Note: While on the track team at RU Tim met his wife Maurika, a 2005 RU Foods & Nutrition major who was also on the team. They are the proud parents of two children.


On April 11 the Society of Physics Students sponsored Dr. Dan Provenzano, Senior Optical Scientist at Baker Hughes Oilfield Service Company. He is at their Blacksburg, VA, research division. Dr. Provenzano talked about using fiber optic sensors to monitor dynamic situations in oil and gas wells. These sensors are able to detect pressure, temperature, strain, and acoustic energy, and the data collected enables operators to optimize production and mitigate problems. This data yields an amazing picture of the structure of the subsurface while requiring less physical disruption than other methods.

Jun 23, 2014
Dr. Rhett Herman