The Department of Physics at Radford University offers dynamic programs for students interested in pursuing their Physics degree and taking that degree into a number of fields after graduation. The Department offers 4 concentrations within the Physics major so that students can customize their experience. Those concetrations are Physics, Biophysics, Eartn & Space Science, and Physics Education. In addition, the Physics Department houses the Dual Degree program in Physics and Engineering with Virginia Tech.

We are committed to quality undergraduate education, with emphasis on hands-on education. Our faculty work with students in a number of individual ways to enhance their regular coursework. Ongoing research projects include work in surface physics (scanning tunneling microscopy), observational astronomy, and geophysics, microcontroller-based sensor design, and others. 

About the Department

The Physics Department has 7 full-time faculty members along with several adjunct faculty members. The Department runs the Radford University Planetarium and coordinates the Radford University Science Days outreach program. Our offices and laboratories are located in the 3-building science complex consisting of Reed Hall, Curie Hall, and the Center for the Sciences.

For more information please email the department at or call 540-831-5652.