Student Research

Some of our students have conducted interesting research projects or honors capstone projects in collaboration with our faculty members.

Joshua Williams (Class of 2015)
Presented at the Joint Statistical Meeting, Boston, MA, August 2-7, 2014
Title: Time Series Analysis for Device Usage in Electronic Classrooms
Abstract: With technology and multimedia devices becoming ever more present in classroom environments from Elementary Schools to Universities, understanding which devices and how often they are used is needed. The object of this current study is to develop a statistical model that tracks which and how often devices will be used in a classroom environment. We are using data collected from sixty-eight multimedia classrooms at Radford University from Crestron RoomView to develop time series models. Having the statistical models of classroom technology/multimedia will aid IT professionals, administrators, and teachers by allowing for more efficient classroom design and device selection.


Jessica Wheeler (Double major in Mathematics and Dance, Class of 2014)
Honors Capstone Project
Title: Kaleidoscope of Math in Dance
Abstract: The disciplines of mathematics and dance are seemingly polar opposites. Typically, math is thought of as logical and concrete while dance is thought of as creative and open-ended. My capstone project focused on investigating the commonalities between these two intriguing areas of study and integrating them together. Mathematical ideals became a driving force for my choreographic process as I utilized craft and intuition to create this dance work. Symmetry, pattern, and shape were just the beginning of various mathematical principles that were infused into my movement concepts to create a varying array of dances. This project shared my unique knowledge and passion for these two disciplines as I sought to create a performance presentation that bound them together.