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Applied Math Concentration

The Applied Mathematics Concentration is intended for students aiming for careers in business and industry. Students must take a year of physics, a semester of computer programming, and two other courses chosen from a list as well as their Mathematics courses.

In addition to fullfilling the requirements of the B.A. or B.S., students with an Applied Mathematics Concentration must take the following:

Electives: Six credit hours chosen from the following:

  • Any 300- or 400-level mathematics or statistics course, with the exception of MATH 312 and MATH 325; ITEC 122, any ITEC course numbered 200 or above with the exception of ITEC 202, ITEC 250 and ITEC 281. Any physics course numbered 300 or above, any chemistry course numbered 200 or above.
  • Students seeking a B.A. must take PHYS 221:PHYS 222 in place of the electives requirement.

To satisfy the BS requirement, students must take: