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TEDS provides companies the capability to integrate their people processes through a fully integrated talent management system that consists of a single user interface, application, and database. It is based on the People Resource Planning™ (PRP) concept coined by TEDS’ Founder and CEO, Joe Ellis. PRP is the optimization of development, performance and deployment of an organization’s human capital to achieve the desired business outcome in the shortest amount of time and at the least cost. TEDS’ fully integrated suite includes the following modules.
Learning Management
TEDS Learning On Demand™ optimizes human capital development by delivering all types of learning accurately and effectively, empowering self-management of individual training, and enabling administrators to track learner progress through powerful automated tools.

Performance Management
TEDS Performance Impact™ ties corporate initiatives to employee career goals and learnings, and monitors achievement throughout the enterprise. TEDS automates goal setting, individual development plans, self-assessments, 360-degree reviews and performance appraisals, thereby accelerating the process of getting the right person in the right job at the right time. Tracking progress toward achieving corporate goals has never been easier.

Succession Planning and Management
TEDS Succession Management™ provides the foundation for the continued competitiveness of your organization by ensuring the execution of an orderly succession strategy. Identify high potential candidates, shape their development for critical positions, and track their readiness. Succession Management also helps generate a ready supply of next-generation leadership throughout the enterprise.

Compensation Management
TEDS Compensation Management™ leverages data from all TEDS Talent Management modules to automate and streamline employee compensation planning and decision-making. Compensation Management becomes a key strategic process linked to competencies, learning, and performance and provides a competitive advantage through employee retention and motivation.

Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition & Staffing
TEDS Job Vision™ facilitates a strategic approach to identifying, placing and advancing the best internal and external candidates for job vacancies and promotions. Identify high potential employees, search for key elements in work histories, and build a more powerful workforce.

Workforce Planning and Management
TEDS Workforce Management™ enables organizations to define corporate business initiatives, measure workforce readiness to accomplish business goals, manage the progress toward initiative completion and track hiring for these initiatives. This new module leverages existing talent data and interacts with the TEDS Talent Management suite to deliver a new dimension in workforce management.

Nov 2, 2013