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Transferring to Radford University: Nicki Stinson

Video: Transferring to Radford University: Nicki Stinson

Welcome to the Department of Information Technology. I am honored to serve as the Chairman of a department that provides its students a unique educational opportunity that can lead to jobs in some of the fastest growing areas of our economy. Whether you are interested in Web Development, Networks, Software Engineering, Database, Business Systems Analysis or Computer Science, we have a program that will provide you the education you need to work in your chosen area. Our department is also currently working to build programs in Security to prepare students for jobs in this exploding new field. We also provide a minor in Information Technology for students majoring in other fields that are interested in adding IT to their knowledge base.

The faculty in our department are outstanding. Their first and foremost priority is teaching our students. In our classes you will find yourself being challenged to learn topics that are the cutting edge of Information Technology. Our faculty are constantly updating the course material to ensure that the students are being presented with the most up-to-date practices and theory available. To support this effort, many of our faculty are engaged in cutting edge research. This faculty research often includes undergraduate students giving them a unique opportunity to be apart of creating new knowledge for presentation in conferences and professional journals.

I hope you will contact me or our faculty about how the unique educational opportunity we offer can prepare you to meet your personnel, educational and career goals.

Arthur E. Carter, Ph.D.
Department Chair